SSPI Upstate New York Chapter (US)

Welcome to the Upstate New York  chapter of the Society of Satellite Professionals International.  Serving the “new space and satellite” industry in Upstate New York and the region North of Putnam County, this chapter represents the future of our industry.  The influence of satellites on every single device, communication and society is increasing.  Satellites are helping us manage the systems that enable middle classes to rise in parts of the world where none existed and creating wealth and well-being in societies everywhere.  Deal flow, innovation and human networking are key to the growth of the industry.  Our new chapter has them all in abundance!

  • NYCSE is a group of New York State Entrepreneurs, Financiers, Academics and Government Space Agencies dedicated to advancing Space Entrepreneurship & Space Innovation in our State.
  • The Founding Members are from Columbia University, RITRE Corporation and the Silicon Valley Space Center (SVSC).
  • NYCSE is a Public Benefit Corporation (B Corp).
  • NYCSE will offer direct support, mentoring and training to foster Space Entrepreneurship and Innovation in New York State.
  • NYCSE has been adding strategic participants to grow our team– Objectives align well with the NYSGC – Space Grant members are welcome to join




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Interim officers and committee chairs:
President: Joseph D. Fargnoli,
Secretary: Rizwan Parvez,
Treasurer: Sean Singleton,
Events: Sophia Huynh,
Communications: Rick Kwan,
rick.kwan(at)siliconvalleyspacecenter.orgFor information about the SSPI Northeast chapter, contact

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